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With Liberate & Express I help WOMEN (AND SOME BRAVE MAN) FIND THEIR VOICE AND ANSWER THEIR SOUL CALLING TO PLAY, CREATE, MANIFEST, SHARE, AND EXPERIENCE THEIR OWN CHOSEN HEAVEN ON EARTH, BY EMBRACING THEIR AUTHENTIC SOUL EXPRESSION and alchemizing the hidden and unwanted parts into the gold that makes them the powerful voices of change that we need in this time


L&E Temple

Your Soul is calling you:

Come and liberate my voice, awaken my true expression. I am here to play a magical Play, be a Leader of Change, to Dance, to Love, and freely Sing my Songs!”

The Liberate & Express Temple is created and open for you to enter. It is the space where you are invited to step into the Temple that is YOU.

The Liberate & Express Temple offers different ways of engaging.


  • In a group setting.

    • An ongoing online membership that brings all aspects of Liberating and Expressing your Soul and Voice together
    • Online and offline retreats  
    • The Soul Singing Circle aimed at the spiritual and healing art of Uncovering the Singing Voice were we use the incredible wealth of knowledge and truly liberating insights of the anthroposophical inspired School for Uncovering the Voice from Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström
  • Individually

    • In a one-time Temple online session
    • In the Temple Alchemy program: 6 individual sessions within 3-months, including a free participation in the online group membership for 3-months
    • In an online or in person individual retreat


Hi, my name is Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain

I am a Holistic voice & feminine leadership coach, a Fierce space holder, priestess, warrior, and midwife for your authentic soul expression, and an energy Healer and shamanic voice for the Divine Feminine

There is a deep longing I have heard hundreds of times as a singer, female leadership coach and holistic singing pedagogue:

 “How can I find my voice?”

Usually followed with a sigh:

“There is so much I want to share, and it would make a complete difference to others and myself if I just did! I long to be able to speak freely, to sing, and to express myself as me, unapologetically.  But I never feel free enough to do so. I’m afraid of it. It paralyzes me. The idea alone makes my throat ache. Usually, it only works if I put on a mask and push myself through it. I don’t want that anymore. I’m tired of pushing and it doesn’t bring me what I really desire.”

Yes! You want to find your voice, really be yourself, in everything you do.

What a wonderful desire!

Especially now that the old hierarchical, patriarchal structures are faltering and the rise of the divine feminine is turning the world upside down. And rightly so. These longings that you have are here because your soul knows it wants to be a part of this change. Your soul has incarnated at this time and is eager to express itself fully.

And your voice as a blueprint of your soul wants to be revealed.

As a child, woman, partner, business owner, and a singer, I had to free myself from many oppressive, harmful, disfunctional. restricted, and unhealthy situations. First denying, then fighting, and increasingly surrendering and trusting to the loving powers, impulses, and wisdom of the universe and especially the powers of the divine feminine.

In that awakening awareness of my heart, my voice and expression blossomed. My zest for life, joie de vivre and energy became greater than it has ever been. Miracles and manifestations, from great loves to living and working places that exceeded my wildest dreams, became part of my life that I could fully rely on. 

When I started to show myself and expressed myself fully — in all my fragile perfect imperfection — the universe lovingly opened the world for me.

With Liberate & Express I reconnect the women and man I work with back into their sacred feminine and sacred masculine primal and also distinguished voice power, their creative manifesting playfulness, and their authentic soul expression.

The deep connection with your own authenticity and soul helps you to embrace all parts of yourself. You are no longer in the grip of the fears and objections that previously prevented you from following your desires.

This deep self-love makes you healthier, more energetic, extremely attractive to be with, and it makes your audience want to listen to you.

An alchemical process happens. The fixed belief of: “I have to work hard, push myself to the limit, sacrifice myself, and suffer to be really successful before I can make satisfying impact” alchemizes into gold.

You yourself become the change you deeply desire, and your life becomes the song of your soul. A song that heals and makes the world around you shine.

It seems almost too good to be true. But it happened, not only with me but also with the women I work with.

A client texted me

“Elisabeth I ALWAYS need some courage when I work with you – to face all of me is not always easy. But I do it because you create this very safe space and I know that you always give me exactly what I need. When I look back to when I first came to you, I realize how totally different my life is now! Almost everything I wanted is now in my life. Of course, that intense burnout that I struggled with so much dissolved with your body-mind-soul approach, and with the feminine power coaching tools that I got from you at a very fast pace.

But it’s so much more. This work that I wanted so badly, and the loving relationship I longed for, just wouldn’t have been there if I hadn’t learned to listen to my own voice. The relaxation and happiness that I now experience with the children is so beautiful and I feel so much more secure and free!

That heavy feeling that I was dragging along with me is gone. Sometimes I feel it shortly, but then I shake my head, do your exercises and I’m just completely there again”

There is a wonderful saying: anything is possible if the desire is greater than the fear.

If you want to acces your sacred feminine powers and align yourself with the voice of your soul so you can create a life where you can truly be yourself, make an appointment with me below and I would love to hear your story and help you on your way.

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