Welcome to the magical realm of intuitive vocal transformation, where the power of authenticity and self-expression merges into a symphony of liberation. I am Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain, the founder of Liberate & Express, and it brings me immense joy to guide you on this transformative journey.

As a mystic, passionate guide, and trained voice pedagogue, my purpose is to help you unleash the hidden gems within your voice and assist you in creating a life that emanates the Song of your Soul.

Whether you’re a singer yearning to express your soul’s melody, a lightworker ready to leave behind your fears of being visible, a teacher seeking renewed spark, a lawyer in search of authenticity, or a wealth and leadership mentor, know that this sacred space is devoted to cherishing and seeing the unique essence that resides within you.

Within the sacred rebel of your being lies the courage to share your truth with the world, and through the healing energy of sound, spiritual awareness, and love we will dissolve your barriers and release your voice of change. Your voice will become a vessel for your soul, speaking of your heart’s desires and resonating with the very core of your being.

As an improvisational composer, I offer you a space of creative exploration, where your voice is free to soar and dance in the divine rhythm of your soul. Together, we celebrate the tapestry of your story – the struggles, triumphs, grief, and joy – shedding old layers and freeing your voice from limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Your voice will become a beacon of authenticity, shining brightly for all to see.

In my work with singing ensembles, choirs, and in individual sessions, we celebrate the uniqueness of each voice, creating a harmonious symphony of unity. As speakers, lightworkers, teachers, and healers, we unlock the memory that is already stored within you. Igniting the higher magic of your voice, tapping into the archetypal feminine powers that guide you on your path of leadership.

Let the Song of your Soul be a symphony of truth and empowerment, an expression of your inner strength and joy. Embrace this transformative journey and step into the rhythm of your soul, because my love, your voice is the key that unlocks the doors of possibility. I am here to guide you every step of the way, as we compose the masterpiece of your soul, a melody that resonates with the very essence of who you are.

Who am I, you might wonder?

I am Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain, a singing clairsentient, intuitive mystic, and founder of Liberate & Express. Over the past 20-plus years, I’ve evolved into a passionate improvisational singer, composer, intuitive transformational vocal coach, and feminine leadership guide. My journey has led me to blend feminine leadership and voice coaching with energy healing, shamanism, and theta healing, allowing me to assist Sacred Rebels, Light-Workers, and Way-Showers worldwide in unleashing their true voice and authentic soul expression.

With a deep understanding of the healing, alchemical, and manifesting power of voice, my goal is to help you tap into your vocal potential, embrace your unique soul expression, and foster positive change in your life, business, and relationships.

Through my signature Intuitive Vocal Freedom and Transformation program, sessions, and retreats, I guide clients on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking their inner and outer voice to release the power and energy trapped in stagnant places and reveal their true expression. The result is a liberated and powerful voice that impactfully resonates, conveying authenticity and intention that captivates listeners.

My work is dedicated to creating and sharing healing and awakening medicine songs, music, and experiences that encourage people to become the lighthouses and creators they are meant to be. I believe in reconnecting individuals with their sacred feminine and sacred masculine energy, creative manifesting playfulness, and authentic soul expression.

If you’re ready to access your sacred feminine powers and align yourself with the voice of your soul, leading a life where you can truly be yourself, I invite you to make an appointment with me. Together, let’s embrace your deepest authenticity and soul, allowing you to become healthier, more energetic, and irresistibly magnetic to those around you. Your life will transform into the song of your soul, healing and illuminating the world.

  • Holistic voice & feminine leadership coach 89% 89%
  • Fierce space holder, priestess, warrior, and midwife for your authentic soul expression 95% 95%
  • Healer and shamanic voice for the Divine Feminine 85% 85%
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What People Say
I reached out to you because felt I had lost my own voice. Everyone else seemed to know what was best for me, except me. In the last three month of working with you, I have reached more progress than with all the therapists and psychologists before. I'm in charge again. Energised and sustainably working a little bit more each week. I found MY voice and became aware of what gave me true pleasure. It gave me strength to step out of a toxic relationship. And even now that I'm going through this separation I experience I am turning into the mother I always wanted to be for my children.
Sanneke, Teacher and Dancer

" Even in the pulpit of my fear I can be ME, connected from my heart with my audience" "I am someone for whom anxiety hits hard on stage. What I have experienced through Elisabeth's coaching is coming into real presence. Because I know now how to be really present, even in the pulpit of my fear I can be ME. I show up authentically, speak from my heart, and I really touch my audience. It has been a huge boost in my self-confidence. "
Cindy, Leadership, transformation, and sales coach

"When I met Elisabeth, I was in a burnout, without realizing it. After years of hard work, the birth of three children and following an education, it had become impossible because of physical complaints to push through anymore. Just when I was about to complete my education and putting my work out in the world. For a year I could not live without the handbrake on. Using my energy sparingly, monitoring my physical condition. I am a very energetic person by nature, so my reduced energy was just enough to keep my family and work going on. But it felt very hard and I had little to no confidence it would work out every day. Through the powerful visualizations, practical tools and embodiment tools for daily affairs, meditations and energy healings, Elisabeth lead me back to my inner world and strength. Into who I really am and what I want to create in the world. The process to liberate, integrate and express my own voice will always continue. But there is now a foundation to fall back on. Thank you, Elisabeth, for walking in my life for a while and in your special way bringing me back to the light, where it was very difficult and dark for a while."

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