Liberate & Express Services Overview

Your Soul is calling you:

Come and liberate my voice, awaken my true expression. I am here to play a magical Play, be a Leader of Change, to Dance, to Love, and freely Sing my Songs!”

The Liberate & Express healings, sessions, and programs build the space where you are invited to enter the Temple that is YOU and uncover your voice of change and full self expression.

Work with me individually

    • Intuitive Transformational Voice Coaching sessions & Akashic Soul Voice Alignment sessions; we work with the full scale of my gifts and hold space for what wants to be seen, cleared, healed, empowered, transform, or alchemized.
    • Liberate & Express Mastery program: Three months, six month, or one full year. You know what your soul is ready for: depending on the transfmation you have chosen to make: I have your back with my guidance, healing, coaching, and my teachings: I’ve got you.   
    • In person individual retreat 1 day, 3 days, or a week. You are welcome to the Netherlands – in my favorite spot of nature, surrounded by the spirits and elementals of the lands, in a beautiful ecological Retreat Centre, – to go on a deeply transformative, elevating, empowering and healing journey home to the full expression of your Soul.
    • Liberate & Express Individual Voice Sessions, online or in person, aimed at the spiritual and healing art of Liberating and Uncovering your Singing Voice. We use the incredible wealth of knowledge and truly liberating insights of the anthroposophical-inspiredgenuinely School for Uncovering the Voice from Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström. My singing and voice sessions are for ALL levels of singers and speakers, and you may bring notes, but it is not at all necessary.


Work with me in a group

    • Liberate & Express Temple Workshops to develop and activate the higher magic of your Voice and Soul Self-Expression 
    • Online and offline retreats  
    • Healing art workshops and courses to Uncover the Singing Voice, were we use the incredible wealth of knowledge and truly liberating insights of the anthroposophical inspired School for Uncovering the Voice from Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström

Left with Questions?


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