Liberate & Express ‘Get to know’ Temple session


A great session to find out what has brought you here. The difference between the free consultation and the ‘get to know’ session is that this is one of the Liberate & Express temple sessions where we will dive into the transformation and healing work. However you also can simply just book one session to feel how this is working for you, and see if you might want to continue your process with a longer program or just a couple of sessions. 
Elements of this session may hold different meditation/ healing / coaching modalities like Theta healing-, Voice meditations, or spiritual shamanic techniques. I bring my deeper listening, and give you powerful tools for you to take with you after our session that you can then implement into the areas of your life where it is needed.


  • Duration session between 45 – max 60 minutes – If you need more time we can send you an added invoice after
  • This session can be given online on Zoom
  • This session is also available in person in my practice, in the beautiful wild fields of Doldersum, Drenthe in the Netherlands.
  • I also travel frequently through Europe, so feel free to inform yourself when I will be in your neighborhood.
  • Languages: We can speak in English, Dutch, or in German.

Long Description

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