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Liberate& Express Temple Masterclasses and Workshops

If you want to build an impactful authentic presence, a presence that makes your heart, mind, body, and spirit flow effortlessly and in full alignment with each other, it is key to discover, liberate and activate the Higher Magic of your Voice and Self-Expression. 

    • We create deeply safe spaces (virtual and in-person) for women to be heard, seen, and witnessed in all their amazing imperfection. By moving through the discomfort and into the joy of being free to shine brightly, without having to show up feeling inauthentic or performative, you wake up amazingly vibrant energies inside of yourself that are magnetic, juicy, joyful, and yes, definitely add to your natural persuasive and transformative powers as a leader.



The topics of the Temple Masterclasses and Workshops vary.

Every group has its unique energy and need, and so, although the principles and many elements will be the same, expect the power of the co-creative manifesting energy to bring forth exactly what you need.

Participate, Stream on demand, or Co-create 

  • Participate with one of the Events that Elisabeth organizes herself (virtual or in person).

Keep an eye out in the agenda, your email, or follow Elisabeth on social media.

Access it here.

  • Team Up and Co-Create a Temple Workshop / Masterclass, lead by Elisabeth, that brings in the message and transformation that is completely aligned and needed for Your Group.

Elisabeth brings her method inside organizations, companies, or as part of celebratory moments inside group circles. Almost everything can be offered as a virtual and an in-person event.

Connect with Elisabeth through WhatsApp or set up a meeting below and we will discuss all options and possibilities: +31610358872

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What is the transformation? First hand experience:  

Oh, my goodness you really have got the most powerful body of work here, thank you so much for that beautiful voice and embodyment meditation.

I’ve already had messages this morning from Steph who is singing at the top of her voice on her walking the dog. All of the shyness has gone you know. And Kara contacted me and says “I cannot wait for the kids to leave the house. I just want a quiet house and I’m going to play the recording and I’m going just do the whole thing again.” She said that her children already think that she’s gone mad, so we had a giggle at that, and I said you know what though, sometimes the madder it gets, the more sane we feel.

So, you definitely invite women into and through the discomfort of self-expression, being seen, and hearing their own voice! It’s such a powerful thing that we resist on a level.

I smiled to myself that yesterday we felt that cameras needed to be off, sounds needed to be off, people needed to be out of the house before we could really let go with our voices. And I think the significance of that has not been missed on any of us.

I think it represents womankind, doesn’t it? That we don’t feel that we can be, we can make our authentic noise if we’re witnessed, and I think that’s massive.

You are unlocking that. You are shaking at that.

You are at least giving permission to women to hear their voice in safe spaces. To hear their voice when there’s no one around.

And that can ONLY lead to them then feeling confident about having their voice heard in front of other people, that for me is truly magical and absolutely wonderful!

Wendy Prior, The Wise Girlfriend

Creator of "The Wisdom of Change" oracle deck, and Personal Change Specialist

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