Happiness Redefined

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Happiness, Self expression

Woke up in the middle of the night and said out loud: “I am happy”.

I remembered my dreams. I was happy.

This morning I woke up happy.

Right now we’re getting our things together for a few days nature hiking. I am happy.

So what makes me happy?

There is not one specific thing I can pin point it with.

But I feel it’s a good idea to make a note and share the current circumstances:

  • there is the absence of feeling pressured to be someone or something
  • I’m in a very simple Being State while doing very mundane activities
  • my body feels like a welcoming space for all that I want out of life
  • whatever happens that is my concern is fine, what is not of my concern or not something I can do anything about it now, I know and trust it will appear when the time is right
  • there’s more, around feeling connected to my soul calling and how it moves within my body like a warm blanket and powerful magical instrument/weapon at the same time
  • then there is the absence of me resisting life’s adventures and the invitation to play my part in it

So, these are current circumstances.

Do you know what your happiness look like?

Any thoughts you would like to share?

Why does it matter to take note? You will always get triggered. We are trained and hard wired to respond to that.

But happiness? There are to few of us who have been trained in amplifying what naturally lights us up. Many coaches and Guru’s tell you what happiness looks like, how happiness feels.

My take on this is that you are the creator of the heaven on earth that is uniquely designed for your soul. And it points towards what makes you love your life.

This is aligned with the wisdom of what your soul wants to experience. That is true freedom and in alignment with the sovereignty of who you are as a human being.

So, the suggestion I make to you is to become intimately familiar with the moments that you are happy.

  • Look at the circumstances
  • See if it is about what you are ‘doing’ or maybe ‘not doing’
  • What went on a day or month earlier, is there a correlation
  • Forget the thinkin about it, just feel into your body – what are the sensations and can you anchor this in or ask spirit to bring you more of this
  • Create a small ritual to celebrate your happiness by creating a poem. a drawing, a photo, or a little offering in nature
  • Put your hands on your heart and thank yourself for being so happy

Let me know how it went!

xx Elisabeth


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